3 Ways To Win Your Man’s Affection

If you really want to stop a breakup happening, you must follow these three rules in order to keep your man and win back his love. Remember when you first started dating? What was it that your husband or boyfriend liked about you most? You must know – every couple has the “You know what I first liked about you” chat!

So what happened? Well, life did. Work, commitments, stress all took their toll, and before you know it you ended up taking each other for granted.

But if just one of you makes the effort initially, you can renew your tired relationship into a shiny new one again, because once you let him know how much you are still that gorgeous, playful happy girl he first fell in love with, then he won’t be able to help himself fall in love with you all over again.

First, you need to pay him attention. That often means laughing at his jokes. Yes, they may be lame! But he needs you to laugh at them. If he’s a natural clown, it’s often because making people laugh boosts his self esteem, so not laughing is like a slap in the face.

You’ll know his sense of humor like the back of your hand, so you could even try to predict what he’s going to say, as a way of making fun, but not in a nasty way; in a playful one. That is still paying him attention, so he’ll love it. But make sure you’re smiling, not rolling your eyes, at the time! Men can be just as emotional as women, but they often get angry instead of upset when they think you don’t care.

Secondly, be spontaneous! You must always have creative ideas of fun stuff to do. Write lists if you need to, and arrange fun days out. So many couples end up in a tired old relationship simply due to apathy. They’re too busy or unimaginative to stray from the normal humdrum of day to day life, and they literally become bored of each other.

Become an endless source of surprise and excitement, and he’ll pick up the habit too. He won’t realize it, but he’ll start to get competitive and want to be as creative or more creative than you. You’ll soon find yourself in a whirlwind romance again, because that’s how new couples always behave.

You don’t have to have kids to organize a treasure hunt, or a fancy dress party. Or photographic competitions with a different theme every week or month. And if you really use your imagination, you need not spend a lot of money either. You could play “Who am I” every Saturday. You don’t always need to have the Post-it note on the forehead when out on public, but you could if you don’t mind entertaining the people around you as well! (If you agree to this, he’ll think you’re a hoot!)

And the third thing you need to do to get back to a successful relationship is stay on top of personal maintenance. Be as attractive and as feminine as possible. This might sound fickle, but a lot of people ‘let themselves go’ once they’re in a relationship. It’s all done on a subconscious level, but when folks are single, they stay on top of looking as good as possible, then once they feel they’ve found someone, they stop trying.

But he’s probably let himself go too. You both may have put in weight due to all those take-outs, but if you start to make the effort, he will get the message, the same as with being spontaneous.

If you say stuff like “I’m working out because I can’t stand all this flab” he might get the message that you don’t like his flab either, without you having to insult him.

So don’t forget:

1. Pay him attention
2. Be playful and spontaneous
3. Be attractive and feminine

Used properly, these three tips can be very effective. Any one of these tactics will make a difference to your relationship, but when you combine all three, you’ve got dynamite!

But you have to put everything you’ve got into it. Don’t do half measures. You have to have a constantly positive attitude and always remember your goal, or he’ll see your heart’s not really in it.

Make sure you laugh and play every day, and if you turn heads by looking like a fox too, you’ll drive him crazy! He’ll be so proud to show you off, he’ll start to adore you again.

Good Luck!


5 Responses to “3 Ways To Win Your Man’s Affection”

  1. Phoebe says:

    It’s not that simple honey my man is very hard to get along with. I have tried evrything to make him happy, he is sad all the time and won’t hardly talk to me.

  2. Fraser says:

    THANK you. I am sick of all the feminist crap being put out there.

  3. Jesika says:

    Honestly, why is it up to the Female to “win” back her man? Since when is it ok for the man to do nothing? I am sick of this being a woman’s job -to re-center the relationship. Men these days are lazy and self-indulgent. I am not bitter, just tired of men not being accountable for their actions or lack thereof. Its not always the woman’s fault things go south.

  4. Gemma says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your comment. Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond.

    You’re absolutely right! It is not always up to the woman to patch things up, but the title of this post is “3 ways to win your man’s affection”. I get just as many emails from men who want to fix their relationships as women.

    The Magic of Making up, which I truly believe can help most people, is designed to be used by just one half of the couple (in case the other might not be open to the fact their relationship needs saving), so their positive behavior will in turn have a direct effect on the partner’s behavior. This of course happens to both men and women. I certainly would not condone either sex to be a total doormat to be taken advantage of.

    Take care

  5. Sierra. says:

    thank you for the sound advice. I find it helpful.

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