T W Jackson Video

Great advice as always from T Dub. For more videos from TW Jackson go to hisĀ  Magic of Making Up site. Make sure you check out the Testimonials video too!

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  1. Gemini Jayne says:

    It might seem cruel and heartless that your past love is doing fine woithut you so soon after but you said it yourself. You had nothing to talk about anymore and he probably had no more interest in you towards the end of the relationship and wanted out to see what other fish are in the sea. He probably still cares about you but he’s ready to move on, and you should get to that point where you’re flirting and dating again too. Guys are just strange creatures that move on in different ways. Just because he’s flirting with someone else doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about you and what you two used to have, but I’m sure he’s aware that it’s over and he’s coping with it the best that he can.

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