The Magic of Making Up


The Magic of Making Up is the biggest selling book online on how to get your ex back or how to stop a breakup. The book claims to get you back together with your ex in record time, but does it really work? Read this review and find out what the book contains, then see if you think it’s worth buying.


Phil and I both found the ‘The Magic of Making Up’ a well written book and very easy to understand. (But you do not need both people in a relationship to read the book). The instruction is also easy to apply. The book has eight chapters over 62 pages of quality information, so you can read through it quite quickly. But as with any self improvement book, I recommend that you read it once initially all the way through, and then again while acting on the advice or you will forget the information.

T.W. Jackson provides a brief introduction that summarizes the whole book. In this introduction he includes an explanation of how the book will stop a breakup from being permanent, so you can get your ex back for good. It also explains how the book comprises of four separate parts; understanding what has happened and why, coming to terms with it all, assessing the situation, and working out the plan to move forward.

Chapter 1
This chapter explains in detail what has happened and why. It explains what you and your partner may have done wrong. You will find out when reading this first chapter, that the breakup was not as sudden as it seemed, and that it has been on the cards for a while because of your treatment of each other.

Chapter 2
The second chapter is very good at reassuring the reader and getting them to accept what is happening to them and why. You should feel a lot better after reading this. A strategy, referred to as the Fast Forward Technique, is introduced at the end of Chapter 2 that will help you get back on track.

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 goes quite deep and allows you to analyse the relationship with your ex and ask how it went wrong. It gives you the opportunity to be honest with yourself (now that you can see a lot clearer, thanks to Chapter 2), and reason whether your relationship is worth saving, and if so, is it possible. This chapter also talks a lot about infidelity and how cheating can largely affect the outcome.

Chapter 4
In Chapter 4 you get the chance to start making things right. This is the beginning of your action plan. The author tells you how to start improving yourself and tells you everything you have going for you. T.W. Jackson covers every aspect of what you can do to change your appearance and behavior, in order to rekindle the love and passion you both once had.

Chapter 5
In the fifth chapter TW Jackson discusses you both dating other people. He explains this scenario from both your perspective and your ex’s perspective. You may not think dating someone else can help you, but it can – you’ll be surprised. He even tells you what to and how to cope with your ex seeing someone else.

Chapter 6
This chapter allows you to make the biggest breakthrough. Now it is time to meet your ex. You will now have the confidence to do this, knowing the author is with you every step of the way. He tells you exactly what to say, exactly how to behave and how to handle the unexpected. He lets you use human psychology to win your ex back and be a loving couple again.

Chapter 7
In chapter seven the author deals with coping with day to day life once you are back together again, so the author doesn’t leave you high and dry. He tells you how to avoid falling back into the old routine of behavior that led to your breakup. This advice would suit any couple who are unhappy, whether they have split up or not. He gives you easy steps to remember how to stay on track and treat each other (and yourself) with respect.

Chapter 8
In this chapter the author acknowledges that not all relationships can be saved, and gives advice of what to do if this fits your situation. That is not to say that the book has failed. If after reading ‘The Magic of Making Up’ you are able to recognise that you fall into this category, you will still learn an awful lot of valuable information you didn’t know before, for moving on and meeting someone else.

After all, it could be that your initial objective was to get back with your ex, but what good is that, if you are going to be miserable?

This book will enable you to see from a healthy perspective whether you should be together or not, and although the success rate of this book is extremely high in getting couples back together, it also has a lot of value in enabling the reader to be honest with themselves about their suitability of their partner.

When you buy ‘The Magic of Making Up’ you also get  bonus videos of the author answering questions from readers and the option of the audio version.

In summary, Phil and I would not be together if it were not for this book and T W Jackson’s advice. Getting back together really is a scientific process that works in the vast majority of cases. We know because we have told lots of people about this process and T W Jackson is a world authority on the subject. He has been through most of what you are going through, and he studied for himself the exact procedure to get back with his ex.

The book is excellent and you will want to contact the author yourself to tell him how his book has helped you.

If you want to get back with your ex or prevent a breakup, and you can’t see a way of it working out, then I would highly recommend ‘The Magic of Making Up’ because it CAN work out if you are shown exactly what to do.


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