How Self Esteem Affects Your Relationships

You may not realise it but when your partner started to “go off” you, it was probably more about them than about you.

All psychologists and psychiatrists know that it is not uncommon for people with low self esteem to stop being attracted to those attracted to them, simply because they feel that if a person likes them, there must be something WRONG with that person!


And insecure people cannot deal with other people’s faults nearly the same as secure people. Very unfair that your attraction for them is seen as a fault, but sadly it happens a lot.

As it is the unconscious mind that governs our moods and behaviour all this can manifest itself without the person even knowing themselves what is going on. So before you get depressed thinking it is all because of something you did, think again. It could well be them.

If you think this is a possibility that relates to your relationship, then the key is to back off a little. Don’t exactly play hard to get, but don’t smother your partner or ex, behave as though you don’t mind what they do, either way.

And they’ll come around – you’ll see.

Good luck!


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