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The Unsubscribe Link In Our Emails

Monday, December 6th, 2010

As you may know we have a newsletter that currently offers a free 7 Day Course for subscribers as soon as they register at

We send our newsletter using Aweber, which is an ethical company who do everything they can to ensure all subscribers only receive information that they signed up for themselves.

Aweber also make it very easy for subscribers to unsubscribe, should they ever want to stop receiving our emails. All they have to do is click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email from us.

However, it seems there is some confusion about the function of the Unsubscribe Link.

Due to unethical marketers who send unsolicited email to people who did not give their consent to receive it (SPAMMERS), there is misleading advice floating around.

Many sources are advising people NEVER to click on an unsubscribe link, as it tells spammers that the email is a live email address, and opens the floodgates for more spam.

However, that advice is only for spammers. At Stop That Breakup, we already know subscribers’ emails are live because they clicked a link to confirm their subscription when they first signed up.

Ethical newsletter publishers such as ourselves, who only send information consented to by subscribers, offer unsubscribe links that really do what they are supposed to.

When you click the unsubscribe link in our emails, you will have the option to change your details or unsubscribe completely. If you unsubscribe, you will not hear from us again, and as we state on our signup page, we do not sell or rent your details to anyone else.

Phil and I want to send you valuable information that you will be pleased to receive. We also want to know what sort of information you would like to receive from us in future and we welcome your comments and suggestions. If you are happy to receive our emails, you might want to add us to your Contacts or Address book, then none of our emails will end up getting filtered out. You can still unsubscribe at any time.


Stop That Breakup 7 Day Course

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Hi guys, we’ve been getting positive feedback about the Free 7 Day Course we’re currently giving away to subscribers.

Here are a few comments from some of the emails we’ve had:

Sangita says:

Wow! when you said it was comprehensive you weren’t kidding! I have been so depressed lately and i know what to do now. My boyfriend already noticed a diffrence when I did what you said on day 4 . we have some friends coming round on saturday and we plan to play your game!

R L says:

Thanks for the free course an the extra bonus. It is very helpful, I guess I wasn’t being fair to my boyfriend before. I blamed him for evcerything but if Im honest it is about 50.50. both of us.

Mark says:

“I really thought it was gonna be pile of junk but it was quite good thanks. I liked the negotiation examples you gave…”

Nadav says:

I love the course so far but is it possible to not have stop that breakup in the title? I wanted to view it at work and that is sort of private?

In response to Nadav’s comment, we have Stop That Breakup within the title because it is the name of the 7 Day Course, but subsequent emails will still have ‘Stop That Breakup’ in the ‘From’ box because they are sent from our email linked to this site; Gemma AT We have to make it clear who they are from so they don’t get missed or filtered out.

What you could do is quickly forward the email to a different private email and change the title, then delete the original. Then the forwarded email won’t show up as being from us. Most people have more than one email address. If you don’t, get a free one from Gmail. I wouldn’t recommend hotmail or yahoo as they are often linked with deliverability issues.

Keep your comments coming; we want to know what you think!