Is a Breakup Inevitable?

You could have been heading for a breakup for some time without even knowing it. Some people can read between the lines better than others. These people are a lot more perceptive when it comes to friendships and relationships. They pick up on non-verbal cues and can usually often tell when someone is lying.

And yet these people will still often fail to notice when things start to go wrong. As well as the rest of us that can’t see it at all, and feel like we have been hit by a sledgehammer when in fact an imminent breakup was creeping up on us all the time, the perceptive person can still be caught out.

A lot of these perceptive people realize that the signs had been there all along, but had chosen to ignore them. The biggest signs were ‘gut’ feelings that something was wrong. And that’s the key! Our gut feelings are rarely wrong, and instead of ignoring them, we need to take notice before the relationship spirals out of control.

Your partner could be telling you one thing, but behaving a different way. This contradiction is usually a huge sign that all is not well.

Other common signs of an impending breakup are:

  • Your partner becomes secretive
  • There is a change in their routine
  • They want to spend less time with you
  • They forget important dates
  • They go out with friends more than you
  • They don’t express love as often as they used to
  • They don’t propose within five years of dating
  • They pick fights over insignificant things
  • They continue friendships with ex partners
  • They start to browse dating sites

These clues can often mean the writing’s on the wall, but it does not mean your relationship is definitely doomed. It just means the spark has gone for your partner, but there are ways you can get it back!

You just need to be willing to change your outlook and behavior. So no, a breakup is not inevitable, and you are already in the right place to start to put things right!

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  1. Fernando says:

    I really want my ex back! Is this lteter okay? ?So me and my ex were amazing for 8 months, until he left for uni. Once he got there I got stressed (with him being away), as did he. He felt I didn’t care about him and that we weren’t as emotionally connected as we were once before. He also wished we had deeper, less superficial conversations. All I can say is, he was so different from other guys in the best way possible, and I love him so much, and want him back. I was reading up some stuff about getting your ex back online, but I can’t really afford to buy The Magic of Making Up . So I’ve decided I’m going to send him an email, what do you think? Where can I improve? You know what, I think you’re right. Both of us need a some air, so it’s better off if we’re not together right now. I hope that we can at least be friends now, or even when you come back. We haven’t talked properly in a while, and I have loads to tell you, but when you’re free. I hope to be hearing from you soon. If he accepts this offer, what would my next moves be?

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